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Kiss x Sis


Keita Suminoe is a third year Japanese middle-school student residing with step mother, his dad, and old twin stepsisters, Ako and Riko. Considering that the remarriage of the parents at youth, the sibs have ever been affectionately close and encouraging of one another. This prologue jumps to the threesome, now as adolescents, see their opposites in a way that is clearly less platonic; Riko and Ako often flirt and lust after Keita while, much to his anxiety, he fights the urge to surrender to them. Keita Suminoe is the primary protagonist of the collection. Hes 1-5 years aged,[3] and is a third year middle-school student whos portion of a reconstituted family after his dad remarried some years previously (Keitas mother having died when he was young). He grew up with two step-sisters, Riko and Ako, who are a year more than hes and allow US more-than-filial emotions for him. Because of this, now they are high school-age, Keita finds it increasingly hard to keep his small morals; particularly when uncovered to his parents approaches that are shockingly. Field club member and a track, Keita is not fit less than hes educational; yet he is, and and in the end strives to be, taken as his step-sisters to exactly the same high school. There, he could be a first year high-school pupil in exactly the same class as Miharu, with Yuzuki Kiryu as their homeroom teacher.

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